Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Causes and Home Remedies for Heart Disease

The heart is a vital organ of our body. It is the body that regulates our blood circulation and maintain a degree of purity of our blood. It takes oxygen-poor blood from different parts of the body and cleanses and provides distributed to every body.

A major reason for heart disease, poor diet and eating habits is the bad condition of selection. Among drugs, stress, tension, worry about family or business partners, increases or decreases the heart rate, pain or infection of the heart are another common cause of heart problems. Poor eating habits can be dangerous because there are a number of heart problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure), atherosclerosis, heart attack, an enlarged heart, kidneys can be, and cause even race.

Causes of heart disease:
. High levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and other fats and oils.
. Hypotension.
3. Elevated blood levels of uric acid (mainly due to the high-protein diet)
. Some metabolic diseases such as diabetes.
. Obesity.
6. Smoking.
. The lack of movement.

Home remedies for heart diseases
1. Apples are the heart-stimulating properties. Patients with a weak heart would be very useful in making generous use of vegetables and applesauce.
. Garlic has proved useful in cardiovascular disease. They are useful for the proportion of cholesterol in the blood normalized by oxidizing excess cholesterol. A teaspoon of onion juice first thing in the morning gross useful in such cases.
. Honey has achieved extraordinary properties for all types of cardiovascular prevention. It tones the heart and improves circulation.
. It is also used for heart pain and palpitations. One tablespoon per day after meals, enough for all types of heart problems.
. Asparagus is an excellent food for the heart to be strengthened. A good remedy for weak or enlarged heart is prepared by mixing the fresh juice from vegetables with honey, with a ratio of 2:1. A teaspoon of this drug should be three times per day. Patients with cardiovascular disease will also benefit from cooking vegetables steam.
6. Fresh fruits are generally useful in the treatment of cardiovascular disease death. They sound the heart of the wine is very effective in heart pain and palpitations and the disease can be controlled quickly if the patient died under an exclusive diet of grapes for several days. Grape juice is very valuable when a person had a heart attack.
. The grass in the form of alfalfa juice proved to be very useful in most of the problems of the arteries and heart disease.
8. Only the leaves of plants are used for this purpose if they are available fresh. Juice of fresh alfalfa, but will be taken to be strong and powerful. It is best ml carrot juice in the same amount of 12 / 5, taken twice daily. In this association, the individual benefits of each juice.
. Patients with heart disease should review their consumption of foods rich in vitamin E, as this vitamin is to promote heart function by increasing oxygen supply to the cells. It also increases blood circulation and muscle strength. Many full-value products and green vegetables, the outer leaves of cabbage are especially good sources of vitamin E.

Coronary heart disease nutrition
If lacto-vegetarian, low in sodium and calories. Fundamental air conditioning factor in all heart disease is the diet should be lacto-vegetarian, and low in sodium and calories. This should be of high quality, natural organic foods, are focusing on whole grains, seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Avoid foods like white flour products, tea, coffee, salt, sugar and tobacco .
Foods that should be eliminated from the diet of white flour products, sweets, chocolates, canned in syrup, soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco, and all hard fats of animal origin such as meat butter, cream and fat. Salt and sugar should be reduced.